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About Apadana
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Apadana ™ Version 1.1


Authorized by: Javid Shoaie


Website: http://www.apadanasoftware.com

EMail: JavidSoft@yahoo.com



I was born on March,1993 in Iran, Esfahan. Since I was 15 years old I started learning programming and I started with Delphi. Then I worked on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and finally VB. When I was 16 I thought that it is a good idea to develop a new multimedia authoring application that has lots of features and makes programming easy. So I started working on this software and I chose the name "Aria Negar" , but later I changed my mind and changed it to "Apadana". Now it's been more that a year I was working on it and now it's finally finished!


Apadana Credits:

Programming: Javid Shoaie (Nick)

Graphics: PejMan Chatrrooz (OMiD)

Help Documention: Javid Shoaie (Nick) - Mojtaba Tajik (Silver Soft)


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