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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672 - Fast ring + Skip Ahead

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672
Fast ring + Skip Ahead

Esta parece ser una compilación de transción, solo veremos alguna mejora y correcciones debido a que estos días fue la
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de Microsoft

Qué es lo que hay de nuevo en Build 17672

Mejoras de seguridad de Windows

El servicio de centro de seguridad de Windows (WSC) ahora requiere que los productos antivirus se ejecute como un proceso protegido y registrado. Los productos que no han aplicado esto no apareceráN en la interfaz de usuario de seguridad de Windows y Windows Defender Antivirus permanecerá habilitado.

Para propósitos de prueba se puede deshabilitar este nuevo comportamiento en estructuras internas de Windows creando la siguiente clave del registro. Es necesario reiniciar el dispositivo.

Código: [Seleccionar]
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Feature
DisableAvCheck (DWORD) = 1

Esta claves se eliminarán como nos acercamos a la liberación.

Cambios generales, mejoras y correcciones para PC

We fixed the issue causing PCs to appear stuck at “Preparing to install…” somewhere between the 80%-100% in Windows Update when attempting to install a new build. 
We fixed an issue where right-clicking to copy text in Microsoft Edge didn’t work in recent flights.
We fixed an issue with structuredquery.dll resulting some users experiencing a cyclical explorer.exe crash.
We fixed an issue resulting in the two-finger gesture to dismiss all notifications not working in the Action Center.
We fixed an issue resulting in the Korean IME sometimes entering duplicate characters when typing into text fields in certain websites in Microsoft Edge.
You can now refresh the Books pane in Microsoft Edge using a pull gesture.
When you pin books to Start from Microsoft Edge you will now see a live tile that cycles between the book cover and your current completion progress.
When printing PDFs from Microsoft Edge, you’ll find a new option to choose the scale of your print out (Actual size, or Fit to page).
We’ve updated Timeline so that in addition to seeing the number of available tabs to restore associated with a particular Sets activity, you can now cycle through them.
We’ve made some adjustments to improve the quality of audio when recording clips using the game bar (WIN+G). Thanks, everyone who shared feedback about this – please take a moment to try it out in today’s build and let us know how it goes.
We fixed an issue that could result in apps sometimes not fully maximizing to the top of the screen.
We fixed an issue resulting in certain devices not being able to wake from sleep in the last two flights (just showed a black screen).
When you hover over the leaf icon in Task Manager’s Status column, you will now see a tooltip describing what it means (this app is suspending processes to help improve system performance).
Building on our work from Build 17639, in addition to showing Bluetooth battery level in Settings for supported devices, you will now see a notification when one of those devices is low on battery.
For our WSL fans out there: if you’ve enabled WSL, you’ll now see an option to “Open Linux Shell here” when you Shift + Right-click on the whitespace of a File Explorer folder.
We’ve introduced preview support for same-site cookies in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Problemas conocidos

After completing the Windows Mixed Reality First Run experience, OOBE is black. Motion Controllers are also not recognized in exclusive apps. If you need your Mixed Reality experience to be working it is advised you not take this build until these issues are fixed.
We’re aware of an issue that causes Narrator to read extra text when invoking Alt + Tab, and we’re working on a fix.
If you complete the setup for a Windows Mixed Reality headset on this build, the headset will remain black until it is unplugged and reconnected to the PC.
We’re making progress on our work to support dark theme in File Explorer and the Common File Dialog, and you’ll see improvements in this build, but we still have some work to do.
Insiders who use Remote Desktop, project their screen or have multiple monitors may experience explorer.exe hangs on this build. This issue can also lead to Microsoft Edge hangs.
ADDED: Please note that there is a known issue in this Windows Insider build that prevents the user from enabling Developer Mode through the For developers settings page. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to remotely deploy a UWP application to your PC or use Windows Device Portal on this build. There are no known workarounds at the moment. Please skip this flight if you rely on these features

Problemas conocidos para Sets & Office

Sets UX for Office Win32 desktop apps is not final.  The experience will be refined over time based on feedback.
The top of some Win32 desktop app windows may appear slightly underneath the tab bar when created maximized. To work around the issue, restore and re-maximize the window.
Closing one tab may sometimes minimize the entire set.
Tiling and cascading windows, including features like “View Side by Side” in Word, will not work for inactive tabs.
The Office Visual Basic Editor window will currently be tabbed but is not intended to be in the future.
Opening an Office document while the same app has an existing document open may cause an unintended switch to the last active document. This will also happen when closing a sheet in Excel while other sheets remain open.
Local files or non-Microsoft cloud files will not be automatically restored, and no error message will be provided to alert the user to that fact.

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