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Autor Tema: Tomato RAF de Victek con cosas buenas  (Leído 7350 veces)

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Tomato RAF de Victek con cosas buenas
« en: Julio 05, 2013, 23:02:30 pm »
Cosas buenas  ;D a esto me refiero a que son cosas utiles que no tienes que instalar como el nginx, el servidor web mas usado en cacharricos aunque yo no dejo el lighttpd. Me costo aprender a configurarlo. Los dos son muy livianos y hacen buen trabajo pero si ya lo tienes al actualizar el firm casi mejor pero tambien trae PHP y mas cosas que tendras que leer tu mismo, no sin antes asegurarte de que tu router es uno de los seleccionados para esta version de Tomato RAF.
Tomato RAF de Victek con cosas buenas

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Código: [Seleccionar]
Hi, Hola, Bonjour...

Last update. July 3, 2013. Release Tomato RAF 1.28.9013v1.1W.

The firmware files in this section are leased to people with knowledege what they do (not all humans know it).

To test this firmware and report back your opinion and findings.

To release and enjoy an stable and performance firmware in your router keeping safe your privacy and data.

DISCLAIMER:  These firmwares are extremely unlikely to brick your router
BUT some functionality may be broken.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I am not
responsible for any damage or loss that you incur using these firmwares
including but not limited to loss of profits.


Section 1. How to install or Upgrade.
Section 2. Hints and cautions.
Section 3. Changelog.
Section 4. What is inside of the beta release?
Section 5. Wishes, Tests to perform and Thanks.
Section 6. NGINX Web Server. User Manual.

Section 1. How to install or Upgrade.

1.a) Update from previous Tomato RAF beta (1.1d or 1.1e or 1.1f-g-h-i...).

_ Do the update when your device is iddle or few Internet traffic is going throught, it may extend the Flashing time and give you some warnings (Timeout).
_ Stop (Unmount) and unplug any USB device you may have.
_ Use the Administration/Upgrade option in your router menu an then upload the file you downloaded.

1.b) Update process from previous Tomato RAF version:

_ Do the update when your device is iddle or few Internet traffic is going throught, it may extend the Upgrade time and give you some warnings (Timeout).
_ Stop (Unmount) and unplug any USB device you may have.
_ Use the Administration/Upgrade option in your router menu an then upload the file you downloaded.

PLEASE, DO a NVRAM ERASE during the update or using the option in Administration/Configuration options menu. Config the settings from scratch manually, do not used restored configurations.

1.c) Update process from stock firmware:

- In most of cases you need to upgrade a bridge firmware depending on your model router or perform a tftp push. For Linksys E series you can upgrade directly from the stock firmware. For Asus RT-N16 use the bridge firmware file that you can find in my utilities and recover section or use the ASUS recovery tool to update directly the Tomato RAF file for your router.

I use always a tftp command utility setting the Asus router in recovery mode (pressing the reset button while power on until the power led flash once every 1-2 seconds and fixing an static IP in my network card like this:

Computer IP:
Network mask: /24
Gateway IP (router):

and then in terminal command prompt I type:

Prompt$> tftp
> bin
> put (name of the file to upload to the router).trx

and wait until the end upload message appears.
Then wait for 5 minutes, power off your router and power on again.
Restore your network card settings, (automatic DHCP)   
That's all, enter in your router menu using the default IP ( with your browser.

Section 2. Hints and cautions.

_ In this upgrade and due to the firmware size you may encounter that the welcome screen in the router do not appear when the reboot process has been exhausted, don't worry, wait 20-30 seconds and then type your router IP ( in the browser window. It will appear. The reason? New timeouts have been programmed in the update firmware but will not be active until you do the next upgrade, your past firmware had shorter reboot and upgrade timings.

_ To remind ... default user = admin , default password = admin

Section 3. Changelog.

* - Whats's new in 9013 R1.1 Beta Releases?

Models supported in the Beta (final release will support additional models):

Asus RT-N16 ----------------> YES
Asus RT-N53 ----------------> YES
Asus RT-N66U ---------------> YES
Cisco E1000 v.2-2.1 --------> YES
Cisco E3000 ----------------> YES
Cisco E3200 ----------------> YES
Cisco E4200 v1--------------> YES

Version 1.1w, July 3, 2013.

- Wireless driver for all versions       ---
- exFAT configuration                    ---
- exFAT support                          ---
- IE6 upgrade request                    ---
- Extrarules to iptables for UDP request ---

Version 1.1v, June 20, 2013.

- New wireless driver for RT-N53, E3200  --- provisional on test.
- usbmodeswitch updated to version 1.2.6 ---
- dnscrypt-proxy updated to version 1.3.0 --
- Added features to dnscrypto-proxy --------
- PPP removed, not longer needed -----------
- CPU % bug --------------------------------
- libsodium to help dnscrypt-proxy ---------

Version 1.1u, June 17, 2013

- Kernel patches ----
- Netfilter optimization ----
- VLAN's. RT-N66U model bug ----
- Access Restriction, iptables restore error ----

Version 1.1t, June 6, 2013

_ Last patches for dnsmasq 2.67CS7.
_ udhcpc is included also for 802.11Q VLAN and Ports.
_ dnscrypt-proxy ntp server bug solved.
_ internal code clean.

Version 1.1s, June 3, 2013

- Updates for dnsmasq2.67CS6.
- New BW Limiter. Accurate in rate limit.
- Custom DNS configuration window for dnsmasq.
- DynNDS Crypto for safe DNS navigation.

Version 1.1r

_ Updates for dnsmasq2.67 and pace syslog option
_ NGINX custom window configuration replaces almost of basic parameters.
_ VLAN and VID's creation and swap on the fly.

Version 1.1o

_ Link Control protocol customized LCP settings (pppoe)
_ Web Server almost works, the configuration firewall rules are not implemented yet, you can do manualy using Firewall script window.
iptables -t filter -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT
iptables -t filter -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT
_ More patches for IPv6.
_ iptraffic (cstats) more patches.

Version 1.1n

_ Partial revert of iptraffic 64bit counters, don't need all values ported to 64 bits. IPTraffic gui working again.

Version 1.1m

_ Tools- Ping IPv6 works now.
_ IPTraffic and cstats. Extended counters to 64 bits to avoid bugs when a big amount of downloads are done.
_ New drivers for Sierra IP-Direct modem.
_ Netgear WRN3500L V2 can be updated through the Update firmware window now.

Up to Version 1.1k

_ DNSmasq 2.67 with patches up to today done in Tomat git.
_ rp-pppoe 3.11
_ Dropbear 2013.58
_ BusyBox ... 1.20.2 release.
_ NGINX 1.4.0. Web Server with HHTP-HTTPS-SPDY ready.
_ PHP 5.4.14. PHP-Cli, PHP-Fastcgi.
_ PCRE 8.32.
_ Network Traffic Congestion Control (Look at the bottom of QoS Basic menu).
_ NTPD Server.
_ OpenSSl release 1.0.1c
_ Ext3 filesystem OOM (Out of Memory) issue fixed.
_ Captive Portal (Nocat) Operation fixed. But this feature will be replaced by NoDog, Don't care about hhtps bug.
_ Bandwidth Limiter (using TC Shaping) fixed.
_ MicroSD available has Multi Flash Reader unit (RT-N66U). Write Speed 1.5MB/sec, Read Speed 7MB/sec (Class 10 MicroSD).

_ VLAN .. Up to 16 VLAN.
_ IGMP Proxy ... TCP and UDP (for IPTV).
_ VWIFI .. (Virtual Wireless) Up to three additional wireless SSID per each radio device.
_ IP Traffic ... Down/Upload rate per each IP in the LAN.
_ PPTP (VPN) Client/Server.
_ New RAF logo.
_ Included ssl block capacity via iptables using Restrictions GUI (From EasyTomato ports).
_ Microcom utility to send AT commands to your 3G modem.
_ Ethernet Port Status (from RMerlin and shibby ports).

** How to use microcom utility?
1st. Discover the tty id of your device. From telnet type: root@unknown:/tmp/home/root# cat /proc/tty/drivers
2nd. Once dicovered run microcom by typing:
root@unknown:/tmp/home/root# microcom -t 5000 -s 115200 /dev/tty00
Section 4. What is inside of the beta release?

_ You may see NGinx 1.4.0 + PCRE 8.32 + PHP 5.4.14 and binaries.., ready to be tested (User Manual at Section 5).
_ You may see siproxd 0.8.1 traces and binaries, WIP, not finished yet.
_ You may see libosip traces and binaries, WIP, not finished yet
_ You may see Nodog Captive Portal 0.9_beta 9.9.6, WIP, not finished yet. It will replace Nocat, why? Bandwidht limiter add.

* But no one of these modifications or any other tests will transmit or leak any personal information about your device, computer, software, user name or passwords, public IP, country where you live, data.

I do not create backdoors or statistics about the number of users running Tomato RAF.

Section 5. Wishes, Tests to perform and Thanks.

What I would ask you to test?

_ Please use the Bandwidth limiter to check that no random reboots are present [it occurs after browsing many url or download big amount of data]
_ Please check BW limiter. It should limit < 200+400KB (for a ceiling of 5MB/sec) under the selected value due to unwanted TCP header.
_ Please test IPv6 addresses ping tool.
_ Please chek the web server, Response speed, php, rate limiter, concurrent users, web documents using USB pendrive...
_ Please check NOCAT.
_ Please check WAN-LAN bandwidth performance. If you have WAN Gigabit Access tell me the Down/Up speed attached.
_ Please test the right performance and speed of VPN.
_ And any other thing you may consider necessary.
_ Please check Access Restriction features. You can enter the domain name without .com or .net .. (i.e. type 'facebook' without ')
_ Test tty command and microcom command if you have 3G modem.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you like to Donate to my PayPal account do it in site.

Tomato RAF

Vicente Soriano.

Section 6. NGINX Web Server. User Manual.

nginx can deploy dynamic HTTP content on a network using FastCGI, SCGI handlers for scripts, uWSGI application servers or Phusion Passenger module, and it can serve as a software load balancer. Is an open source application with advanced security and small footsize. NGINX for Tomato has been build from the source code and integrated with other packages by Tomato RAF Team.

Why we choice NGINX for Tomato firmware?, read this;

Questions & Answers.

Q. ) What modules are implemented in Tomato Web Server?
A. ) All the standard modules available for NGINX. Most remarkable modules are:

_ HTTP and HTTPS scalable to SPDY (We will explain how to generate secure certificates in this Manual).
_ CGI and FastCGI.
_ Rate limiter, Flood protection and Speed Limiter.

Q. ) May I add more features not covered in Tomato integration?
A. ) Yes, download Tomato RAF source code, you can modify or add more features OR ask Tomato developpers for a customized application

Q. ) May I replace my home web server by the version built in Tomato?
A. ) Definetively Yes, but pay antention to the Router specifications we observed when we create NGINX for Tomato.
_ USB available to place, replace, modify, add your web documents.
_ 64MB RAM Memory.

Q. ) How many users can access to the NGINX-Tomato Web Server?
A. ) In order to leave main process working without hicks we established a number of 256 users per second with a maximum of 1024 concurrent connections. Your browser establish many connections when you access a web site.

Q. ) What's the maximal speed transferring files achieved by NGINX-Tomato Web Server?
A. ) Can be modified in the Web Server Control Pannel with available settings.

Q. ) Can I fix the priority of the webserver over other router process to improve the response time to requests?
A. ) Yes, it's available in the Control Panel.

Q. ) I have one spare router and I want to use it just for Web Server with high traffic.
A. ) Then contact us and we can provide you a modified version according your router specifications.

Q. ) May I create a connection between the Captive Portal and the NGINX-Tomato Web server to use it as MMC or Sponsors adds?
A. ) Sure, it's one of the targets we developped it, ask us, we create Intranet version.

Q. ) Where I can find more information about NGINX and what's posible to do with this feature?
A. ) In or or

User Manual.

All the adjustments and effects are shown in the User Interface page (Web Server) in your router.

Tomato RAF Team.

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Re:Tomato RAF de Victek con cosas buenas
« Respuesta #1 en: Septiembre 28, 2018, 10:15:27 am »
I want to get information about this very much. Please help me
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Re:Tomato RAF de Victek con cosas buenas
« Respuesta #2 en: Septiembre 28, 2018, 19:57:49 pm »
I want to get information about this very much. Please help me

Quiero obtener información sobre esto mucho. por favor, ayúdame

Go to the Victek website where you will find all the necessary information.

Dirígete a la web de Victek donde encontraras toda la información necesaria.

Sorry, you are not allowed to see this part of the text. Por favor ingresa o regístrate.