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Título: Windows Terminal (preview)
Publicado por: maripuri en Junio 25, 2019, 20:08:23 pm

Ya está disponible en la tienda de Windows..   necesitas Windows 10 18362 o superior.


.. un click y ya la tienes instalada..


Hablamos de esta app no hace mucho en alguna compilación Insider, tendrás navegación por pestañas, colores, unificado en una app CMD y Powershell.   De momento la preview tiene buena pinta, a ver cuando la pulan mas..

Windows Terminal (Preview)   Microsoft Store
Introducing Windows Terminal
Terminal  github

Título: Re:Windows Terminal (preview)
Publicado por: maripuri en Noviembre 28, 2019, 19:32:16 pm


Microsoft lanza la versión 0.7 de Window Terminal (preview) e introduce compatibildad para dividir la interfaz en varios paneles independientes..

Alt+Mayús+-, Alt+Mayús+= se dividirán horizontal y verticalmente.
Alt+←↑→↓ se moverá entre los paneles.
Alt+Shift+←↑→↓ redimensionará los paneles.

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Split Panes! The keybindings for splitting are now included by default. (#3585)
Alt+Shift+-, Alt+Shift+= will split horizontally and vertically.
Alt+←↑→↓ will move between panes.
Alt+Shift+←↑→↓ will resize panes.
Right now, splits only launch your default profile.
The focused pane now has an accent color border around it (#3060)
Track the rest of our plans for panes in #1000!
Our window borders have gotten a significant makeover. THE BORDERS ARE NOW GREAT. THE THICKNESS IS GONE. (#3394)
Known Issue: If Windows is set to dark theme, and you've got the "use my accent color on title bars" setting turned off, your window borders will be white. Really quite white. Even so, we think this is a significant step up.
They will no longer hang over onto other monitors when you maximize Terminal.
They will no longer accidentally blow up to gargantuan sizes like "an inch on each side."
The resize handles are now, largely, exactly where you'd expect them.
Huge thanks to @greg904 for working tirelessly to bring this one in!
All input method editors (Ink, Emoji, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as well as various others) now appear, appear in the right place, offer input feedback, and actually work. (#1919)
You can now turn off dynamic titles with suppressApplicationTitle; when you do so, a tab will retain the name or tabTitle of its originating profile (#2814)
RTF data is now copied to the clipboard (#3535)
We've finally caught up with the state of the art as it was in 1997, so more applications (usually the older ones) will receive colored content on paste.
You can now set the background color of a selection using selectionBackground (at the profile level) (#3471)
Tabs can now be reordered! (#3478)
Known Issue: You cannot reorder the tabs when running as admin. We're tracking this in #3581.
You can try, but it will definitely crash.
Fullscreen mode now exists and you can enter it using Alt+Enter or F11 (#3408)
You can rebind fullscreen mode with the toggleFullscreen command.
Azure Cloud Shell will now be offered on ARM64 devices (#3489)
Key bindings now support arguments; check the default settings for some examples of how this works (#3391)
As an example so you don't have to crack the settings open: "command": "newTabProfile0" is now better expressed as "command": { "action": "newTab", "index": 0 }. It looks more verbose, but wow is it ever more flexible.
A key binding, Ctrl+0, has been added to reset a terminal's font size to "default" (if you've zoomed it) (#3505)
Rebind this with the command resetFontSize
The "Active Terminal" and "Focused Control" are now decoupled (#3540)
We're a lot less likely to lose track of who is the terminal of repute in a multi-pane situation.
Improvements to the Azure connection:
All of its messages are now localizable (#3463)
There's now more padding to the left of the tabs (#3513)
Clicking the scroll arrow buttons will now move one line at a time (#3397)
We've revamped how we launch processes to better support fixing #2563 (and others) (#3461)
Various bits of internal refactoring; break everything out of App except Xaml platform init (#3465)
VT Improvements
The Save/Restore Cursor sequences DECSC and DECRC are now better-supported (#3160)
... so is HPA (#3368)
Bug Fixes
backgroundImage now expands environment variables (#3204)
Increase and decrease font size using keybindings works (#3629)
Paste now replaces \r\n line endings with \r (#3449)
Pasting content is now at least 98% less annoying.
Alt+Arrow-Keys no longer print extra characters (#3117)
When you’re scrolled up, pasting now scrolls down to the prompt when using snapOnInput (#3521)
Terminal should no longer shuffle off this mortal coil when DWM buys the farm, like sometimes when your display topology changes (#3460)
Quickly opening and closing tabs will crash less (#3256)
Printing a binary file to your terminal using WSL won’t cause it to misbehave quite as badly (#3380)
As a question, though, why would you do this? This came to us as a repro that was legitimately phrased as "Just run cat /bin/*". ???